Tesla Powerwall

Battery Backup


Boss Energy is the leading provider in Tesla Powerwall battery solutions in Charleston, SC and the surrounding SC area. With a Powerwall system designed and installed by Boss Energy, you and your home can stay connected no matter what Mother-Nature brings our way!

Advantages of Powerwall Battery Backup

  1. Provides whole home backup power that is clean, reliable and efficient.

  2. Allows your new or existing solar system to continue to operate during a power outage.

  3. Storing and using the solar energy you produce keeps you insulated from net metering changes.

  4. Powerwall installations are eligible for both the Federal and State Tax Credits! (50% and 30% respectfully)

  5. Stay connected. Even when your neighborhoods not.

Battery Backup solutions give home and business owners the ability to power on and off the grid. When Battery Backup is coupled with solar it gives our customers the ultimate control. Without solar, batteries can still be essential. They take place of a dated generator by providing energy storage in case of power outages. Battery Backup keeps our clients safe, secure and running.

Boss Energy is a Certified Tesla Powerwall installer. Get your Powerwall today.