Berkeley Electric Solar Customers NEED TO READ THIS!

If you are already a solar customer in Charleston, SC and or thinking of installing solar panels in the near future and you are a member of Berkely Electric Co-Op you need to strongly consider adding a Tesla Powerwall Battery to your current of future solar installation.

Berkeley Co-Op Energy Surplus Rider Charleston SC


Berkely Customers are being forced to sell any and ALL excess generation to the utility at a reduced rate: 5.92 cents per kWh. In a nutshell, this means that any energy that is not being used in the home at any given point in time will be sold back to the utility at the 5.92 cents per kWh. This drastically increases your solar systems payback time and can make going solar a less than attractive financial incentive.

How to Keep & Use All of Your Solar Power at Utility Rate

Simple. Add a Tesla Powerwall System from Boss Energy. Boss Energy is your local Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer and has the solutions you need to go solar, protect your home from power outages, and KEEP ALL OF YOUR ENERGY to avoid giving it back to the utiltiy at a reduced price!

Tesla Powerwall installations Qualify for both the Federal and State Tax Credits, which amount to upto 55% of your total installation costs! To learn more about Tesla Powerwall you can visit the Tesla Powerwall Website.

If you currrently have a solar system or are thinking of purchasing a solar system, live in the Charleston SC area, and are a member of Berkeley Electric Co-Op please give Boss Energy a call TODAY to find out what your best options for Tesla Powerwall and Solar!