Solar solutions for your home or Business

A solar installation from Boss Energy for your home or business is a great way to capture the suns energy and become more energy independent. Our solar installations are custom designed for each and every home or business so you can rest assure that your solar system will perform at it’s very best for decades to come.

The Boss Energy Approach:

At Boss Energy we deliver the highest performing and aesthetically pleasing solar systems in South Carolina. By working with the industry leading suppliers we are able to build custom solar systems that outperform our competition. Offering an industry leading 12 year workmanship warranty we guarantee that our solar system installations are made to last.

Our Solar Process

  1. Phone Consult: A quick phone call with one of our experienced solar professionals to learn more about your project and goals.

  2. Site Visit: A site visit is necessary to determine everything we need to know for our design and engineering team. During the visit we go over the different design options put together and make a determination on which solar system works best for you.

  3. Engineering/Permitting/Interconnection: During this time we put the finishing touches on our final solar system design and submit all paperwork for permitting and utility interconnection.

  4. Solar Installation: The installation is performed. Most installations only take 1 day to complete.

  5. Solar is Turned on: Congratulations! You are officially creating your own solar energy!