What are Integrated Solar Options?

Integrated solar options are the most aesthetically pleasing solar options available. Boss Energy is the exclusive dealer for Atlantis Energy Systems, the world’s leader in Building Integrated PV (BIPV). Integrated solar is extremely pleasing to the eye and provides the same benefits as comparable standard solar options.

Not only is Integrated solar more aesthetically pleasing, but it also surpasses the many pitfalls of standard solar panels.  For example, some buildings may not be able to withstand the added weight of conventional solar panels. Usually these projects must have additional roof reinforcements to up hold the extra weight which can be costly.  In these cases, solar shingles provide another great method for individuals seeking the benefit of solar without having to deal with potentially costly structural upgrades to their roof. 

Our Integrated Solar supplier, Atlantis Energy Systems, engineers and manufactures their products right here in the US. Atlantis Energy Systems is the world’s leader in BIPV technology. Through Atlantis Energy Systems, Boss Energy is able to offer 3 different classes of integrated solar solutions. These solutions are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and hurricane tested so they will withstand anything Mother Nature can throw their way.  Take comfort knowing our solutions are built to last with a 25-year standard product warranty.

What types of Integrated Solar Options do we offer?

Solar SunSlate

Solar TallSlate

Custom Solar BIPV / Solar Glazing

 Atlantis Energy Systems™ 

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